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Successful coaches, trainers and athletes are always on the lookout for high quality information.  Formal study via classes or certifications is a great option, but can be expensive.   Some certifications cost $1,000 or more!  Self-directed learning will save you money, but can eat up a lot of time.  High quality content is often behind paywalls, or densely packed with technical jargon.  If you're studying on your own, you'll have to dig through a lot of coal for every diamond you find.  

We created ReadingWOD to provide an option other than spending $1,000+ for a class or spending hours digging through complicated papers.  We provide high quality information to coaches, trainers and athletes at low cost.   Our content is assembled by high-level athletes, coaches and clinical professionals, so it's focused on topics that can be immediately applied in the gym.  


What we do:

We have read and reviewed thousands of papers on topics such as strength training, bioenergetics, conditioning, nutrition, body composition, metabolism, sports psychology and more.  

When we add a paper to our database, we write a summary.   We extract the key ideas and findings, and present them clearly and succinctly.    Extraneous content is excluded; our summaries are 500 or fewer words, which is about one typed page.   

When you subscribe, you get access to the summaries as well as the original source material.   Everything in the database is:

  • Actual science: We only include articles which review and analyze scientific experiments in the fields of fitness, training, physiology, nutrition / metabolism, and related topics - the stuff coaches need to know.  Every article tests a hypothesis and presents a conclusion supported by evidence.  
  • Peer reviewed by experts:  Everything in our database has been approved for publication in a scientific journal.   We have the most credible information in the industry.   

Real experiments.  Detailed analysis.   Brain Gains.


Move beyond general "one-size-fits-all" answers and into detailed conversations that get to the heart of what your athletes care about.  Understand their needs and implement solutions at an individual level.  Your athletes grow and evolve, so you need to keep up.   Your subscription to ReadingWOD will translate into improved fitness and performance in your gym, and probably some new customers.  You'll probably learn more in a few months with ReadingWOD than you have in your entire career thus far, and at only $13.95 a month, it's the best value we know in coach, trainer and athlete development.  

How it works

When you sign up for ReadingWOD, you get access to your first two articles immediately.  After that, you'll receive two per week.  

ReadingWOD digs into the human machinery underlying fitness and performance.  Go beyond the basics to an advanced understanding of important topics like metabolism and nutrition, cellular-level adaptations to training, the intersection of endocrine and neuromuscular adaptations, improving oxygen delivery and extraction, scientific comparisons of strength and conditioning programs, and more.   Much more.  

The curriculum is densely packed with knowledge and analysis.   You may have to re-read sections, make notes and look things up.  Some of the ideas will be new to you.  That's the idea - that's how brain gains happen!  Your knowledge grows fast; our coaches receive 100+  articles per year.  

ReadingWOD provides the information you need to help your athletes achieve their goals, and to distinguish yourself as a top notch coach.  With ReadingWOD, you’ll know more

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