We Get These Questions a Lot

Where do these articles come from?    

We are subscribers to numerous academic and scientific journals which publish articles on topics of interest to coaches and athletes.  We curate the best of them for ReadingWOD.   (We only include publicly available information.  We don't share anything from behind pay walls).


Who chooses the articles? 

Our team has a track record of achievement as competitors, coaches, gym owners and clinical professionals.  We have competed at the games and regionals, and worked with athletes and coaches from the NFL, MLB, PGA tour and UFC.   We identify useful content based on our coaching, competitive and clinical experiences. 


Do I need a degree in biochemistry to read this stuff?

Nope.  Our curriculum is designed for coaches and fitness enthusiasts, not medical students.  We dissect the articles and summarize what you need, ready for use in your next class or training session.   Generally, if you have a coaching certification, or hang around people who do, you’ve got enough background to get started.   


Can’t I just do this myself?

Sure, you can.  But we’ve done a ton of work assembling a database of articles, and the list is growing.  Instead of duplicating our effort, you can benefit from it for under 50 cents a day.   If you're a coach or gym owner, the cost may even be tax-deductible! 

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