Bigger Brains = Bigger Gains

There are a lot of ingredients to success as a coach.  But most people agree that knowledge is a substantial contributor.  Whether you coach athletes aiming for the podium, or athletes who just want to be better than yesterday, your effectiveness depends on what you know.  ReadingWOD streamlines the process of knowledge acquisition and application, so that you can deliver:

  • Better assessments:  The fitness journey starts with effective assessment.  You'll more completely understand your athletes' fitness levels, challenges and opportunities.
    • Superior programming:  Understanding the machinery of human performance helps coaches balance intensity, volume and recovery.  Progress speeds up. 
    • Improved problem solving: Everyone hits plateaus.  Skilled coaches can correctly diagnose the underlying problem and guide athletes through it.

    The ReadingWOD curriculum gets into the details.  Everything we've assembled is actual science from peer-reviewed journals.  For under 50 cents a day, you'll get better information from ReadingWOD than from any certification, coaches' course, or seminar.  

    Your athletes have lots of questions.  Get the answers!  ReadingWOD is the fastest and most complete way to grow your knowledge.